February09 SALEMS LOTT (Hollywood Shock rockers) To Release Full Length MASK OF MORALITY Album In April

Hollywood based shock rockers SALEMS LOTT will release their new earth shattering full length album “Mask Of Morality” on April 6, 2018 via their own independent label Rēd Moon Rēcords.

With their previous 3 song EP released as part one of their new two-part album series, “Mask Of Morality”, the band delved into socially-conscious themes on individualism, values, morality and current politics.

Salems Lott guitarist Jett Black has checked in with the following comment: About Mask Of Morality / 1st 3 singles from Part 1: Mask Of Morality is an interesting record. If you were following us a few months back you would know that Part 1 was released digitally and supported by 2 strong music videos which you can check out on YouTube. It was our way of giving out a few anticipation tracks for the full record and that’s why you’ll notice Part 1 only had 3 tracks.

The full record combines Part 1 (3 tracks) with the remaining 7 tracks to make a total of 10 tracks. In addition, the first 3 ‘instant gratification tracks’ are a careful selection intended to introduce the listener into the world, sound and philosophy of Mask Of Morality. Just like any piece of art that has any worth, Mask Of Morality challenges the trendy mindset of our current society. It’s a record that challenges the dogmatic righteousness of modern morality which attempts to force you into thinking, speaking and acting in a particular ‘good’ way and enforces these ideals through mob mentality retribution. It’s also a harsh dose of reality that tells you that you are responsible for your destiny and to take responsibility and action into fixing your life rather than wallowing in a self-pity victim mentality and blaming outside sources.

Tl / DR – Mask Of Morality is the story of the individual vs the bloodthirsty mob. I know what you’re thinking, “*roll’s eyes”, “Cringe”, [insert passive aggressive, unimpressed, ‘heard it all before’ quote here]. However, if you’re paying attention to society in a non-tranquilized way; you’ll see the fight for the great individual vs the resentful mob is a very real and current battle.

1. Enigma 2. When Heaven Come Down 3. You Cant Hide From The Beast Inside 4. Higher Anguish 5. Royal Desperado 6. Fatal Attraction 7. Shattered to Pieces 8. Thin Ice 9. Mother of Chains 10. Alexandria’s Genesis

About “Shattered To Pieces”: “Shattered To Pieces” is an interesting song and will be the soonest to come out with a video. It’s a very different approach from what our fans may be used to hearing from us. But our followers have a diverse enough outlook on music that they will appreciate how different and strong this song is. It’s more exposed, with soft piano parts and tells the tragic tale of someone close to both Monroe and I who’s dealing with a truly frightening illness. It presents an interesting discussion and observation on dealing with hardship, physical/mental illness and enduring grief. I enjoy how it takes two separate narratives: Those dealing with the responsibilities, courage and suffering of managing an ill person as well as the state of mind of the person afflicted by the illness. It’s a very relateable song as most people have had to deal with the sudden loss of those who are close to them.

Salems Lott Band Line-Up: *Monroe Black – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar   *Jett Black – Lead Guitar, Vocals
*Kay – Lead Bass, Vocals   *Tony F. Corpse – Drums, Vocals

Salems Lott – “Enigma” official video link

Salems Lott – “When Heaven Comes Down” official lyric video link

Salems Lott – “You Can’t Hide From the Beast Inside” official video link

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For press inquiries and additional information, please contact the band atinfo@salemslott.com or Online Metal Promo at: lordofpr@hotmail.com

Biography: Salems Lott is an American Shock Metal band formed in late 2013 in Hollywood, California. They are known for their high-energy and crowd pumping stage performances and an explosive new sound that captures the audience from start to finish. The band has played infamous Hollywood stages such as a sold-out show at The Roxy Theatre, a sold-out show at The House Of Blues, The Whisky A Go Go, SIR Studios and many more. The band is quickly climbing the ranks of the Los Angeles Rock Scene and is one of the most prominent live acts to see in Los Angeles.

Salems Lott’s debut single “No Choice To Love” was featured on CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE’S Top Tracks. Their debut music video on YouTube has generated over 70,000 views 2 months into its release; while their music has been featured on SiriusXM Radio, Fireworks Magazine UK, Ultimate Guitar, SleazeRoxx, TeamRock and That’s Metal Magazine.

To ensure a continuous outlet for the band’s music, Salems Lott founded their own independent label Rēd Moon Rēcords and released their debut EP with national and international physical/digital distribution. Upon its release, their debut EP has been receiving rave reviews, high demand in the US/Worldwide and physical copies sold-out in Japan in under 2 weeks. “No Choice To Love” has also been featured as top track of the week in Revolver Magazine.

Salems Lott is the ultimate antithesis to the ever so tame “Modern” Rock scene.

Ultimate Guitar: “A great debut from a new band that has the potential to make some serious waves.” 8.7/10

Bravewords: “They have the quite the visual appearance to be sure, but make no mistake this EP is no joke and their “shock metal” is an entertaining 25-minute roller coaster ride of riffs, snarling vocals, and running solos.” 8.5/10

TwoGuysMetalReviews: “Salems Lott are essentially what would have happened if glam metal kept evolving and remained a respected genre today. The way they seem to give no fucks as they tap into a greater sound, something epic yet a sound that reeks of 2015…”

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